A Personal Anthology

A Personal Anthology is a regular bulletin from a series of guest contributors, each of whom is given the opportunity to dream-edit their own personal anthology of short fiction. The task is to pick and introduce a dozen stories. These might be their personal favourites, or their undisputed list of the greatest ever; they might make a themed collection, or they might be a literary version of Desert Island Discs: twelve stories that have formed them as readers, and marked their journey through life. 

Since starting in 2017 the project has featured over 200 guest editors picking over 2,500 short stories written by over 1,000 different authors. You can browse the full archives, organised by guest editors and featured authors, at apersonalanthology.com. I also wrote an overview of the project to mark its fifth anniversary here.

A Personal Anthology is always on the lookout for new contributors, so if you would like to take part, please email me at jonathangibbs@mail.com 

"My preferences have dictated this book. I should like to be judged by it." - J.L. Borges

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A weekly guest-editor picks and introduces a personal anthology of twelve favourite short stories


Jonathan Gibbs

I am a writer and academic based in London. I have published two novels – The Large Door, and Randall – and a book-length poem, Spring Journal. I teach at City, University of London, and curate the Personal Anthology online short story project.